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You are now a new recruit (or a returning one) of the InfamousDarkside Guild. By applying you hereby sign away rights to your soul. Just kidding, all you did was allow me to send you help on games that you may be stuck on or lend your insight on games that others may not have any knowledge of so we can all get the most out of these games the first few times we play them.
You may post as many times as you wish (up to the allotted amount given to you by your rank). 
Level Up (Rank Up) by messaging me your statistics from different games and from giving me progress reports on new tips for games that you play. Each tip will grant you point that will add up to your new rank. When you have reached the maximum rank, you will continue to earn points for bragging rights. 
Have fun, be competitive, and be helpful!
Good luck and remember to fill out your Player Profile so I can know who you are, or at least what to address you by! 
Alright, chums. Let's do this! LEEEEEERRRROOOOOOOOOY......
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